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Another great collaboration!

Feldherr donated us the insulation material (Expanded polyethylene) we needed in order to protect our experiment from the harsh stratospheric environment.

We are really thankful and we invite you to visit their website: they sell great figure cases and bags for players and collectors!

We have been supported by PCBWay, a leader in this sector!

They offer a great Educational Program, sponsoring teachers and students in their projects!

Their service has been fast and efficient, even during the summer holidays!

We want to thank them for their support and availability!

A sincere thanks to CHT

The CHT group provided us with a tank of ACC17 Silicone Coating!

We will use it to coat our PCB to prevent ingress of water and environmental contaminants!

A great appreciations to La Bottega della Longevità

In order to test the experiment components and antennas in low temperature conditions, La Bottega della Longevità provided us with a stock of dry ice spray!!

A big shoutout to Belova Lamiere!

We are ready to build the experiment main box
The TARDIS team thanks our partner Belova Lamiere for providing us the material we needed!

Thanks to Great Scott Gadgets!

Every month Great Scott Gadgets donates hardware to support the open source community!

We applied in April and they selected us for a free HackRF One!

Today we have received it in our lab, and Emanuele can’t wait to perform some thermal tests on it!

Thanks SpazioChirale!

As promised, here is a new unboxing video!

Let’s see: we have SDRs and sensors…

.. and also the PCB Boards are in our hands!

Is that a new video?

New video? A new great Partner!
Today TARDIS Team thanks Melopero for support and collaboration!


Today we present one of our Partners and we do it with the first in a series of videos!

TARDIS Team thanks SDRPlay for support and invites you to take a look at their website: SDRPlay



Another intense day of testing for the RF System Workgroup .. and with a not bad view!




We tested the magnetic loop antenna prototype to analyse its radiation pattern.
Thanks to Stefano of ARI ROMA IQ0RM who helped us during this test phase!



Another day of work and testing for the TARDIS team but with SPECIAL help. SLIMER is helping us with cleaning the Lab and using the Proton Ghost Trap and the antennas. The ecto-cardboard was used for a further experiment mockup.                      👻👻👻👻


A little fun at work!

ARI Roma webpage: ARI Rome and TARDIS Experiment

14th March 2019

Following the steps of what was done in 2016 with the project STRATONAV, ARI Roma will cooperate again with students from Aerospace Engineering from Sapienza- University of Rome for the TARDIS experiment.

Aerospace Engineering Courses at Sapienza – University of Rome webpage: REXUS/BEXUS programme: the TARDIS experiment selected for the stratospheric balloon BEXUS 29

30th January 2019

A student team from both the Electrical and Aerospace Engineering Department of Sapienza – University of Rome has been selected, with the project “TARDIS”, to fly in the stratosphere with the BEXUS 29 balloon. Article in Italian.

Il Faro Online: The italian experiment TARDIS will fly on board of the stratospheric balloon BEXUS 29

9th January 2019

Will be tested on board of a strotospheric balloon, that will be launched in October from Sweden, an experiment that wants to verify the reliability of a new tracking system of platforms for the Earth observation and telecommunications.

la città metropolitana: From students of Sapienza a space project for ESA

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aerospacecue: TARDIS: Italy on the stratospheric balloon BEXUS 29

9th January 2019

The TARDIS experiment, developed by a student team of Sapienza University of Rome, is one of the selected ones to fly on board of the stratospheric balloon BEXUS 29. Article in italian by Close-up Engineering.

askanews: TARDIS experiment of Sapienza selected by ESA

27th December 2018

The only italian one, will be on board of the stratospheric balloon BEXUS 29. Article (in Italian) by askanews press agency.


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